Week 10 topic questions

1) What is meant by the following statements?
-Trust is not associative (non-symmetric)
Trust is not associative means, that if someone trust another person that person may not trust that individual back.
-Trust is not transitive
Trust is not transitive means that just because an individual trust a person that doesn’t mean they are going to trust everyone that the person knows.
-Trust is always between exactly 2 parties
This means for there to be trust available there needs to be to individuals involved trust can’t happen without two people.
-Trust will involve either direct trust or recommender trust
Direct trust means trust created by the free and deliberate act of the parties involved. While recommender trust is when one individual trust another individual because of a third party.

2a) Have a look at the following websites. What are some of the elements that have been incorporated to increase your trust in the sites? If there are also some aspects which decrease your level of trust describe them as well.


-Open colleges has reviews that even have the word ‘trust pilot’ stated as the review name.


-credit unions a seems trust worthy because of the privacy policy that they have intact


this website doesn’t seem that trust worth by looking at the layout but it does have a privacy and security statement and customers can leave reviews


Stipe’s layout seems inviting and just worth, it also has a privacy policy statement

2b) Find a web site yourself that you think looks untrustworthy.

https://www.onlinediscountshop.com.au didn’t’t seem trustworthy because I could find a privacy policy and there were pop ups.


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