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1.Four thing that can go wrong with a transactional site are:
Transactional sites like Amazon, ebay or even Targets’s online website, are all popular sites that are used to purchase items, and therefore can be mostly trusted when a transaction does arise.Though, websites that an individual may not know much about and have just stumbled across, might just be that of a scammer. Someone who’s intention is to steal a consumer’s money, and not give them the item that was promised.
– As wells consumers encountering scammers online, they can also encounter fake websites that just want to steal individuals information such as; card details and individuals date of birth. This can then lead to the consumer having their identity stolen or  money from their bank account pilfered. 
If a business use a website in which they have their employees use for their payroll, then that too can get hacked if not secure, meaning that the employee’s information can be stolen and therefore identity theft can unfortunately occur.
– On an online shopping site a buyer may purchase an item(for example) like a costume, though that costume isn’t what the website advertised, and the site was falsely advertising their item, though they make it so the individual can not return the item or get their money back (no return policy).

E-commerce: Trading (selling or buying) items via the internet.
E-business: Electronic business is like electronic commerce, though it isn’t limited to just selling or buying items through the Internet, it is conducting a business through the internet, actually interacting with it’s consumers.  

Difference between buy sided and sell side eCommerce?
The difference between buy side and sell side of electronic commerce is that buy side is dealing with transactions to obtain resources needed by a business from its suppliers.While sell side is the transactions involved with selling products to a business’s customer.
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Different types of electronic business?

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The different types of ebusiness are: business to consumer(B2C), Business to Business (B2B), Consumer to Business (C2B), and Consumer to Consumer (C2C). B2B is selling items between companies via the internet. C2B is a transaction between a consumer and a company where the consumer sells goods to the organisation.B2C is a transaction through the internet from a business to a consumer where the a company sells an item to a customer. Lastly, C2C is why a customer can sell an item to another customer over the internet.

Which digital technology has the highest penetration rate?

Personally I think that the smart phone has the highest penetration rates. You will rarely meet someone in today society  who does not own a smartphone, if so it is a rather rare occurrence. My statement is proven true through the graph below, which shows that in the year 2016 2.1 billion people own a smartphone, and there is 7.4 billion people in the world. While in Australia the population is 23.13 million and the graph shows that 15.9 million people were using smart phones last year.

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Four drivers to adoption of sell side e-commerce by business

  • The internet is accesable to many individuals around the world and there for a business will have a broader range of customers.
  • By selling goods via the internet customers have easy access that’s 24/7, to buy products rather then stores hours.
  • There would be less cost owed by the business compared to if the business was run in a store. Such as not having to rent out a shop space.
  • Promoted customer feedback, generation more customers

Four barriers to adoption of sell side e-commerce by business

  • No face to face contact with customers
  • Less about customer service
  • Costing the customer more for shipping
  • Privacy concerns for the customer in terms of sharing information such as their address

Examples of digital information

  • Facebook
  • Blog posts
  • Videos (Youtube)
  • Images (Flickr)

What is the semantic web?Are we there yet?
The semantic web is information that is linked making it easily accessible by technology world wide, and more accurate data. Yes I think that we are close to having the semantic but not quite fully there yet.

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